Warranty Registration

Register your product to put warranty coverage in force and to get the latest product information and owner notices.

Thank you for purchasing a HITCH product and taking this brief time to register it. Your registration enforces your warranty coverage and will keep you up to date on product information and offers. If you have questions about your warranty, please contact your HITCH Contractor.

To register your product, you will need your model and serial numbers found on your dealer invoice or located on the unit.

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The HITCH company provides a warranty for each product that is sold. If one of our tools needs a service or repair, please contact the Hitch Technical Service team by calling +1 (512) 823-0202, between 8AM to 5PM CST on Monday through Friday, by e-mail to moc.gnitfilhctih@ecivres‎, or you may contact the nearest HITCH dealer in your region.

Warranty Duration

Assuming that there has been normal use of the product, the HITCH company ensures its compliance with published specifications, and that the product is free from defects in its materials and workmanship during the warranty period specified below. The duration of the limited warranty depends on which country the product was purchased in; these are specified in the «Warranty Duration for hoists HITCH» table, unless otherwise provided by law. The duration of the limited warranty starts from the date of purchase the of specified product on your purchase receipt.

See the «Warranty Duration for hoists HITCH» table.

  • Accessories carry a limited warranty of one year fromthe date of receipt.
  • Consumable items — are defined as spare parts or accessories, which are expected to fail after a certain level of use, and which are subject to a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Who is covered?

The warranty covers the initial purchaser of the product from the date of delivery.

What is covered?

The warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials that are subject to the limitations stated below. This warranty does not cover product failures that have appeared either directly or indirectly due to misuse, neglect, negligence or accidents, normal wear and tear, improper repairs, delays in service or lack thereof.

More Information

HITCH is constantly adding new products to their product lines. For up-to-date product information, please check with your local distributor or visit the HITCH website.

How State Law Applies

This warranty gives you specific legal rights that are subject to applicable state law.

Getting Support

You can contact the Hitch Technical Service by calling +1 (512) 823-0202 or you may contact the nearest HITCH dealer in your area. Please note that you will be asked to provide proof of your initial purchase when calling. If a product requires further inspection, the technical service representative will assist with any additional action that is required.

Warranty Limitations

HITCH limits every warranty to the duration of the specific warranty for each product. Except as stated in this document, any other possible warranty for the appearanse of the product or its performance is excluded. Some administrative and territorial entities do not allow limitations to a warranty, so the above mentioned limitations may not apply in your case. HITCH will not be liable for death, personal injury, damage to property, or for incidental, special or consequential damages arising from the use of our products. Some administrative and territorial entities do not allow for the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above mentioned limitations may not apply in your case. HITCH only sells its products through distributors. HITCH specifications in printed materials and on the official HITCH website are given as a general guide and are not binding. HITCH reserves the right to make changes to spare parts, fittings, and accessories at their discretion at any time without prior notification.


Lifetime warranty applies for accessories of HITCH Professional hoisters, provided that operation conditions are complied with.

The accessories covered by lifetime warranty are subject to replacement within unlimited period of time if they have a manufacturing defect, a defect due to faulty raw materials or violation of manufacturing technology. The replacement is carried out by manufacturer or its authorized representative based on results of technical examination, carried out after customer’s complaint.

Each part including parts of HITCH Professional equipment have their life cycle resulting in natural wear, which is not a consequence of use of faulty materials or violation of manufacturing technology. The parts going out of action due to natural wear are not covered by HITCH lifetime warranty.

5 year HITCH Guarantee program

For all of the professional HITCH equipment in a black color, the warranty duration is extended to 60 months if the owner registers it within 2 (two) weeks from the date of purchase. Registration can be completed by visiting the following address: www.hitchlifting.com/warranty
A registration card provides confirmation, and this should be printed immediately after the registration process has completed, and kept alongside the original purchase receipt that shows the purchase date of the product.

The registration process will only be complete after the purchaser consents to their personal data being kept on file.

warranty duration

SeriesModels manual hoist and trolley hitchwarranty durationregion
CH200-GSB, CH360, CH202 «STORM», CH203 MC 6,

LEVER HOIST HITCH - LH200, LH200-G, LH201, LH201-G,

5* yearsnorth, south, central america
5* yearseu
3 yearsmiddle east, africa
3 yearsasian-pacific area
3 yearsrussia, the customs union
TYPE, CH101, CH102 TD, CH105


trolley geared hitch tr100, tr101, bc102
2 yearsnorth, south, central america
2 yearseu
2 yearsmiddle east, africa
2 yearsasian-pacific area
2 yearsrussia, the customs union

* — The 5 year HITCH Guarantee. (For markets in North, Central, South America, and the EU only).


All of our products, HITCH Hand hoists and HITCH trolleys, are carefully checked and tested in operational conditions before shipment.

If any of the HITCH products, have been serviced in accordance with the rules, but create problems when in operation due to defects in the materials or the process of manufacture, which was confirmed by HITCH or an authorized service station, repair or replacement of the product will be made to the original purchaser without a charge.

This repair and replacement process only applies to HITCH products that have been installed, maintained, and operated as described in this manual, and which do not contain components or spare parts that are worn out, operated inappropriately, improperly installed, improperly or poorly maintained, were subjected to aggressive environmental influences and/or unauthorized repairs or modifications.

We reserve the right to change the materials and design, if, in our opinion, such changes will improve our products. Operation not to destination, repair by unauthorized persons, or the usage of non-original spare parts that are not produced by HITCH, lead to a loss of guarantee and can cause unsafe operation.