Disclaimer statement Hitchlifting Inc.

On this web-site there is common information about corporation Hitchlifting Inc., as well as about our general features of products and offered services. It is just for information purposes and cannot be included in any contract by reference or by other means. It is not an obligation to represent any product, possibilities, functionality, productivity or applicability for a certain purpose. The stipulated functions of a product can be changed at any time without notice at sole discretion of the corporation. The corporation has the right to change information on this web-site at any time without preliminary notice.        
Before use of any product offered by the Corporation, you must read and understand operating and safety instructions for this product. Use of each product offered by the Company is regulated by separate and unique instructions and warnings on safety rules. The information given on this site does neither add nor cancel these warnings.  

Hitchlifting Inc. disclaims any responsibility for loss or damage of all types and on any legal ground, which can arise in relation to use of any web-sites of Hitchlifting Inc.  The Corporation undertakes no responsibility for loss and damage as a result of incomplete or not updated information or as a result of loss of data.   


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Protection of data

When you visit our site we keep the information. Some of this data is information, which you give at registration for receiving services (your name, email, phone number, the Company you represent, number of model, serial number, date of purchase in contact form). Other non personal information is kept in result of technical processes (IP-addresses). This data is used only for the purpose of statistics.