lifting equipment engineered in usa

Hitch is an texas based manufacturer of high performance, premium quality hoists — supporting lifting solutions, tailored to your specific needs

Highly effective lifting equipment for any industry trend

Hitchlifting Inc. develops and manufactures the most durable and safe industrial equipment for lifting loads, including for use in harsh and hazardous conditions. We have implemented SMART Protection System technology, applying carbon coating on parts which are wear-prone. As a result, our tools are one of the best representatives of their mechanical class.

We make future technologies available today

Using advanced design, production and marketing decisions, Hitchlifting Inc. manufactures modern, high quality equipment that gently and ergonomically moves, lifts, sets and securely locks the load. Lifting equipment, lifting devices and installations for commercial and industrial applications are among the main products offered by the company.

Hitchlifting Inc. delivers innovative technology to the market with up-to-date equipment for construction that always focuses on the needs of users. First-class design and a rich long-term experience allow the company to guarantee a high level of safety and quality of its products. The top priority for the company has always been, and remains, gaining and maintaining the confidence of buyers. Hitch consistently executes its mission and believes that it brings pleasure to its team members and higher returns to shareholders.

The main emphasis - on quality and functionality

Hitchlifting Inc. products are certified according to international standards and standards adopted in the United States. A variety of applied safety features and the high quality of the equipment in conjunction with ANSI/ASME certification guarantee the longevity of its operation and its reliability.

– The company's mission is to find optimal solutions to solve lifting tasks.
– The main objective is to guarantee purchasers efficacy, safety, versatility and reliability of equipment for lifting and handling.

We develop effective means for lifting in the industry that are used on objects of different purposes in the most dangerous and difficult working conditions.

To remain competitive, we are always in a state of development: we raise our employees’ qualifications, develop new directions in the industry, study demand and expand our range.

All the equipment, which is manufactured in accordance with domestic and international quality standards at our production facilities, is subjected to careful control and testing at our factory.

Quality Certifications

For all of the professional HITCH equipment in a black color, the warranty duration is extended to 60 months if the owner registers it within 2 (two) weeks from the date of purchase. Registration can be completed by visiting the following address: A registration card provides confirmation, and this should be printed immediately after the registration process has completed, and kept alongside the original purchase receipt that shows the purchase date of the product. The registration process will only be complete after the purchaser consents to their personal data being kept on file.
American Quality
All Hitch products are certified according to U.S. standards. A variety of safety features and high product quality, in combination with the ANSI/ASME certification, guarantee a long product life and a high level of reliability.